Mission: You’ve got a new Tintri VMstore that you’ve racked and powered on. Now, how do you ready it for production?

Don't worry — you’ll be ready in just 3 steps.

Configure your Tintri. Ready, set...


Step 1: Assign your VMstore an IP address and get it set-up on your network.


Step 2. Login to your Tintri VMstore.

Step 3. Click Log in Button.

Step 4. Mount the hypervisor manager(s).
And yes, you can run multiple, concurrent
hypervisors on a single Tintri VMstore.

To add your hypervisor, click on the text box next to vCenter.

Ok, great! You’ve mounted the hypervisor. Click here to go to your Tintri dashboard.

All done! This is your Tintri dashboard, and you’ll note 100% of your capacity and performance reserves are ready to use!

Summary: You took your Tintri VMstore from install to production-ready in three simple steps.

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